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Q: What professional learning support is available this summer?

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 Q: What does the curriculum cost?

A: The curricular materials developed by the CREATE for STEM Institute are Open Educational Resources (OERs). Teachers and districts are free to download and use the materials under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license. Users need to acknowledge CREATE as the original author (BY) and may not use the materials for commercial purposes (NC) such as including the materials in publications to be sold commercially. Users can revise and adapt the materials, but must also agree to "share alike" (SA) those revisions and adaptations under the same Creative Commons conditions so that everyone benefits from the improvements.

Q: Where can I access the curricular resources?

A: The curricular materials are the products of individual research projects and can be found on specific project websites, as well as on research partner websites. Curricular materials with opportunities for professional learning support include Interactions and Carbon TIME; see the links in the first Question above.

Other science curricula developed by CREATE for STEM include: 

Q: Is there support for curriculum implementation?

A: Yes. CREATE's NextGenPBL professional learning (PL) support team provides support for all CREATE curricular materials in order to extend the impact of the research on science teaching and learning in classrooms. Just as the curricular materials are a departure from previously available science textbooks, the instructional practices teachers use and students' experience may be quite different, and research shows a direct link between PL and successful implementation. This also means that the professional learning support the NextGen team provides differs from traditional professional development. The PL is more intensive (up to 60 hours per year) and extensive (over the entire period of implementation) than traditional PD.

Q: Where can I get more information about the Professional Learning support system?

A: Use the Contact link in the navigation bar above to reach the NextGenPBL team for more information.